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Audio-Visual Appliance Mounting Solutions

Reading this page, you will know the advantages of our products. Our products are various mounting brackets for television, DVD and other appliances, which enable the placement on wall or ceiling, such as tilt TV wall mount bracket, adjustable tilting/swiveling wall mount bracket, ultra slim wall mount, Panasonic TV wall mount, etc. Please feel free to let us know your mounting problems, and we will make reasonable suggestions and product recommendations.

  • TV Mounting Solutions
  • Our professionalism is best illustrated in the home TV mounts and brackets, which comes in wall mount, floor standing, and ceiling mount types. Now basically every household has at least one television, mainly put in the living room, bedroom, study, and other places. To hang the TV on the wall, from the ceiling or mount it on the floor stand is a good way to save space and prevent children or the elderly from getting hurt.
    To meet your different requirements, the TV brackets that we offer are versatile to make tilting, swiveling, rotating, and lifting movements. With these TV mount accessories, you can freely adjust the TV to your desired position and angle.
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  • DVD Mounting Solutions
  • Many people love to play DVD discs to make their life romantic. In home decoration, the placement of DVD and height of DVD bracket installation ask for some careful attention. Usually, the DVD player will be put somewhere close to the TV, to make it easy for use. If the location of DVD is not reserved in advance, or the television is hanging on the wall, in these cases we must consider to find a suitable place for the DVD.
    As a professional manufacturer of DVD stand, we recommend you to install a DVD stand near the TV wall bracket, which is both convenient and space-saving.
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  • Projector Mounting Solutions
  • Now, projectors are finding their roles not only in the office, but also in many modern families who would like to install a high-quality projector at home. By projecting films or images on the white walls, the projector refreshes your family lifestyle, to create a unique atmosphere. The projector is usually mounted on the ceiling.
    In accordance with applicable occasions, you may choose a ceiling bracket for single screen or dual screens. In accordance with the scope of application, you may choose a panel bracket or a hanging one. In accordance with applicable requirements, you may choose a bracket with full range of adjusting functions or single adjusting function.
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  • IPAD/Tablet PC Mounting Solutions
  • Small and light office equipment is the latest social trend. So now ipad, ipad mini and tablet PCs in different brands have become people's favorite. In comparison, bulky laptops are fading out.
    However, if you hold an ipad or a tablet PC in hand for a long time, you will definitely get a sore arm, and if you are watching a movie, you must need a tablet holder to stabilize the tablet?
    According to our customers' requirements, we keep on developing new products, and succeeded in the rollout of a series of easy to use, easy to carry, compact and lightweight tablet holders.
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  • Projector Mounting Solutions
  • Now, more and more families are building home theaters to watch movies at home. It usually needs to hang multifunction stereo speakers on the wall to save space, while enhancing sound effects. So the speaker mounts help to refresh the family's lifestyle, and create a unique atmosphere.
    Simple style, suitable for smaller speakers.
    Bearing type, suitable for slightly larger speakers.
    Adjustable bracket, which is capable of tilting, lifting, swiveling and other movements.
    All the speaker stands that we are supplying can be customized according to your requirements.
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  • Microwave Oven Mounting Solutions
  • More and more families begin to master the reasonable use of space, especially the kitchen space. A kitchen usually has many wares, and tends to be monolithic. So it is hard to find a good place for every piece of them, which results in low space efficiency and cumbersome use. We developed a number of suitable microwave oven wall mounting brackets, as kitchen furniture for offering a good solution to the said problems.
    Practical style of microwave oven brackets, with scalable supporting feet, suitable for microwave ovens in large or small volumes.
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