Yuyao Yuda Industrial Co., Ltd.
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YUDA is a professional TV wall mount manufacturer who offers the best TV mounting solutions.


Our factory has eight workshops, namely mold workshop, stamping workshop, metalworking workshop, welding workshop, injection workshop, aluminum die-casting workshop, painting workshop, and assembling workshop.

  • Painting workshop
  • Welding workshop
  • Aluminum die-casting workshop

Mold workshop
First of all, this is our Engineering Technology Center. We are an OEM / ODM factory, now our technology center has the most advanced mold processing equipment, so that customers can get high-precision molds in the shortest possible time at the lowest costs on mold development.

Stamping workshop
Next is our stamping workshop that has various stamping equipment from 5T to 500T. The stamping machines are all equipped with an infrared control device, to protect our workers from injury.
The metalworking shop is next to the stamping workshop. Pipe cutting, punching, tapping, deburring and other finishing is done in this workshop.
Then we come to the aluminum die-casting workshop. Here are five sets of aluminum die-casting machines. Processing and finishing of the entire aluminum alloy products are done by us.

Phosphate processing production line
This is a phosphate processing production line. The line is built exactly in compliance with phosphate processing technical standards. Each batch of products goes through this process that lasts for 45 minutes. There are stringent technical requirements, and the purpose is to prevent metal rusting. Three years of shelf life, ten years of service life are promised by us.

Finished goods warehouse
Painting process comes next to the phosphate processing production line. Now we have two painting lines. The painted TV brackets are delivered to the second floor, where our quality inspectors carry out testing. Qualified products will be properly stored to prevent scratches and delivered to the warehouse of semi-finished products waiting for assembly.

Assembling workshop
This is the assembling workshop and now we have eight lines. Our monthly production reached 300,000 units of TV mounts in various types.

Injection workshop
Our warehouse is located next to the assembling workshop, and our new warehouse has been built, which is able to store more products
Next we come to the injection workshop. All the plastic parts, including plastic cover and plastic expansion, are made in-house so as to ensure quality of all products.

Our testing room is next to the injection workshop. The room has been certified by German Rheinland company.

Drop tester
Simulate the carton dropping at different heights to test if the strength of the outer box is qualified.

Shock tester
simulate the outer carton placed in the container to test if the shock resistance of the outer box is qualified.

High and low temperature tester
test if the TV stand can still work normally in extreme temperatures.

Hardness tester
test the strength of steel plate, screws and other metal wares.

Salt spray tester
test whether the product can meet anti-rust standard.

ROHS test: the product will be here for testing whether to meet environmental requirements.

In addition, we will test samples in the batch of goods, making sure that the final product is intact.

  • Sample room
  • Sample workshop